Designed for corporate users and EV fleets

We help companies by providing a state-of-the-art EV charging system that can be branded to fit the company’s needs.

Our fully barrier-free payment system eliminates the need for applications or registration, making it easy for EV drivers to access charging stations.

We also offer the possibility of customizing the charging station stickers, as well as a branded front-end to further integrate the charging system into the company’s corporate identity.

Additionally, companies can create voucher codes for free charging at the stations, which can be used for guests that arrive with an EV, or given as a reward to loyal employees.

Our system also provides the possibility to manage and track the company’s EV fleet consumption and allows companies to monitor and control the charging process for their entire fleet, with the ability to authorize access to specific charging stations. This can help to optimize the charging process and reduce costs associated with EV fleet management. 

Furthermore, companies can track consumption values on every vehicle, which can be used to identify patterns of usage, identify potential issues, and improve the overall efficiency of the fleet.

By implementing our EV charging system, companies can improve their fleet management, reduce costs, and promote sustainable transportation among their employees.

Your benefit with our system