Fleet Operator

Fleet Operator

Designed for large EV fleets

Your benefit with our system

Amplicity is changing the game for fleet operators who manage electric vehicles. 

Our innovative platform offers a seamless and streamlined solution for fleet operators to handle their EV charging needs with ease. 

Whether you operate a large fleet or just a few EVs, Amplicity provides everything you need to keep your vehicles charged and ready to go.

Our solution eliminates the headache of tracking energy usage and billing for fleet operators. With Amplicity, the charging process is automatically recorded and billed, reducing the chance of errors and minimizing administrative tasks. 

The billing process is fully automated, providing real-time access to charging activity and costs, so fleet operators can focus on their core business operations.

At Amplicity, we understand that fleet operators have limited time and resources to devote to managing EV charging. 

That’s why we have developed a solution that takes care of the administrative side of things, freeing up time for fleet operators to concentrate on their business.

With our user-friendly platform, fleet operators have access to real-time information and key metrics that help them optimize their charging operations and make informed decisions. Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, improve efficiency, or grow your fleet, Amplicity provides the tools and insights you need to succeed.

Our team of experts is committed to helping fleet operators tackle their EV charging needs with ease and confidence. 

If you’re looking for a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solution for charging your fleet of EVs, look no further than Amplicity.